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Our Mission

Fault-Tolerant Technology is unique patented hardware design for computer processing. Our multidomain computer architecture does things other computers simply cannot do.

We are on a mission to rethink computer architecture and design.

Our Story

FT Technology revolutionary new architecture provides a variety of benefits above and beyond fault tolerance… in fact, since this is entirely different from computing, making it impervious to all known viruses as well. While this design mends competent failures better than the entire generation of systems, many more features are listed below:

  • A fault-tolerant system automatically recovers and corrects for any hardware or software errors

  • Provides integrated system-level protection against malware and spy programs

  • Performs proactive intrusion and virus prevention

  • Ability to recreate point of software failure or intrusion attack

  • FT Technology’s implementation of their new architecture is highly scalable, meaning that it can be economically applied to any size system, from simple micro-controllers to complex supercomputers

  • Capable of simultaneous operation in redundant, byzantine, and voting cluster modes

  • Analyzes individual hardware component health as well as software process health

  • Complete compatibly with all operating system and software applications

  • Fully operational with different CPU and component manufacturers within the same system using multiple binary incompatible operating systems

  • Innovative Meta Mentor ™ architecture eliminates any unplanned downtime, interruption of normal operations due to maintenance, hardware modification, or hardware replacement

Abstract Futuristic Background

Fault Tolerant System Design

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